Dr Hasmukh Patel



Dr Hasmukh Patel

It was in the late 90s that Dr Hasmukh Patel, then a practicing family physician in Alberta, Canada took up the quest to improve the quality of care for elderly care in Alberta. He introduced the philosophy of person-centred care and the vision of ‘aging in place’ to the region. This led to the creation of AgeCare in Canada 1998 and the development of its first seniors’ care home in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

As a founder and Chairman and CEO of AgeCare Canada, Dr Patel is deeply passionate about seniors care. What sets Dr Patel apart is his willingness to continuously question what is truly possible in seniors care, as well as his courage in defining and forging a new path forward—a path that leads to operational excellence, a purposeful work environment with engaged staff and a culture of continuous improvement. In 2022 Dr Patel brought the AgeCare brand to the UK and is now the Chairman of AgeCare UK.

Dr Patel completed his Executive MBA from Oxford University and has led the rapid growth and success of AgeCare with a vision to transform and lead quality, services, and innovation in the publicly funded long-term care sector in Canada and the UK.

When he is not hard at work leading AgeCare to new heights, Dr Patel is an avid reader and enjoys golf, travel and spending time with his family. His travel has taken him to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Inca Trail.