“From the first moment of entering Five Oaks, you could feel the warmth of kindness and love. The staff are clearly wonderful people. They are what Albert called “Angels who deserve a medal”.

We are so pleased that the Five Oaks Manager is here today to celebrate the life of Albert. We know how much they looked out for Albert and did everything possible to give him some quality of life.

The family wish to thank you and all of the staff at Five Oaks for their outstanding kindness.

God bless you all.”

Read what our visitors say about our care

Every week we go to visit my friend and it is such a lovely care home. The staff are really efficient and nothing is too much for them. The short while my friend has been there he seems so relaxed and happy. He seems so much more alert and he does remember doing some activities. He has dementia but it is nice to see him being more sociable.

Diana D.

Lovely experience whilst visiting on a Saturday. All the residents were having their nails done and being pampered. The staff are so loving and caring and the management team are so approachable, nothing is ever too much trouble. The food smells great and the home is clean and tidy.


“Hargrave House is a lovely home, where love and kindness are readily shown. There’s always a smile and a welcome here, the residents live in a house of cheer!

Dear Thelma receives your love and your care, as she peacefully sits in her special green chair, and watches the staff as they beaver away, attending folk’s needs night and day.

The hours may be long and the pace rather full, but attention and care are given to all. There’s always a smile and laughter bright, whether folks are happy or feeling contrite.

Dear John comes each Friday to visit his wife, it’s one of the highlights in his life, to spend a day with Thelma dear, causes his heart to rise in cheer.

With three meals a day and a plush decor, it’s like a top-class care home with a welcome door, and you never know, there may come a day, when the next generation ask to stay!

Ruth Haynes, Hargrave House

Dear Mr Sargeant,

We, the family of Monica Hutt, would very much like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the way our aunt was cared for at Bullsmoor Lodge.

Whenever we saw her she was comfortable, clean and tidy and always smelt so fresh. The carers and the rest of the staff displayed loving kindness to her and made the last years of our aunt’s life as good as they could possibly be.

The home is always welcoming and fresh and the excellent care without question.

Thank you to you and all your staff.

Mrs J. Gething

To everyone at Bullsmoor Lodge,

Where do I start? Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but here goes…

From day one Angie when you said “Go home and don’t worry, we’re here to take the load off you” I knew we’d found not only a caring home for Roy, but caring people too. You have all done your best to look after Roy through seizures, tantrums and some challenging behaviour, we thank you.

In his short time at Bullsmoor Lodge, Roy came to love you all. Whenver we had a stay in hospital he’d say “Tell the girls I’m better”, he enjoyed the singalongs, the quiz nights and the Christmas Party, oh yes, the Christmas Party. We found out he came alive at the disco after Dick and I had gone home, thank you girls.

Little things mean a lot, things like a little teasing, a little extra time or growing some strawberries. Maybe little things to me and you, but big things to someone like Roy. Thankyou.

We knew one day Roy would probably need nursing care but didn’t think it would be so soon. We all know where we’d prefer him to be.

Not everyone could do the job you all do, only special people (and that’s what you are) so far from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of Roy – “THANK YOU!”

Carol, Dick and Family

Dear Madam,

I write to thank you and all your staff for looking after my cousin, Mrs Clarke, so well. She was so happy and content with you and she always looked so well dressed and looked after when I visited.

Thank you all very much indeed. I shall miss seeing you all, everyone was so polite and helpful to me.

With kindest regards to you all.

Mrs S. Carter – Five Oaks

Dear Mr Sargeant,

Thank you for your expression of sympathy regarding the death of my mother. Although she had only been a resident at Hargrave House for a relatively short space of time I’m sure that she had settled, was comfortable and felt well cared for. I would also add that it certainly gave me peace of mind knowing that she was no longer living on her own.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I found the staff, almost without exception, to be kind and caring and very approachable. My thanks to all concerned with her.

Mrs S. Baker

Dear Sirs,

As the representative of the late Mrs Bray, who was a resident at Five Oaks, I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the care and attention shown to Mrs Bray by the manager and her staff

I have thanked the manager personally but I would like to record to you and the company my appreciation of the effort she and her staff made in making Mrs Bray’s time at Five Oaks as pleasant as possible..

It was very much due to the manager’s perseverance and patience that Mrs Bray settled at Five Oaks after a difficult start and was then able to gradually become part of the Five Oaks community. She was able to spend the final months of her 99 years being looked after by a team of caring, supportive and dedicated professionals.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Five Oaks for it’s comfort, cleanliness and friendly and relaxed atmosphere, but above all for it’s caring and hard working manager and staff.

Mr T. Hosier

My mother has dementia, having her in a home with dementia-trained staff and a unit set up for sufferers has made all the difference for my mother and peace of mind for me. All of the staff are friendly and professional with caring for my mum.


Everyone is very kind to my mum. She is well looked after and I feel that if I have any concerns I can speak to a member of staff.

Beverley J

“Live in a home? Perish the thought! But you should look around, you really ought. See, Minchenden Lodge it’s like a top-class care home, you would be cared for extremely well.

It is one of four and I live in one… So I do know, there is none better wherever you go.

Why live alone, dependent on neighbours? You’ll have a life on your own, no strings, no favours.

What more can I say? It’s up to you, I urge you to think about it, I really do!”

Phyllis Rowley, A poem for Minchenden Lodge

Dear Mr Sargeant,

Thank you for your letter of condolences. As you know, my mother Violet was in Bullsmoor Lodge nearly seven years, she was always contented there – this made possible by the excellent staff employed there.

Their kindness and caring were second to none, we shall always be grateful for the friendliness shown to me and my family.

Mrs J. Ludlam

Dear Mr Sargeant,

Whenever we have been asked for advice regarding residential care homes, we always recommend Minchenden Lodge. As you can imagine, we have dealings with lots of care homes in our profession and when my Grandmother needed to go into residential care the first place we thought of was Minchenden.

She was a resident there for two and a half years until her passing in March and I can’t even begin to tell you how kind, caring and patient Maria, Sue and the rest of the staff were during her time there. She was very happy and contented and our minds were at ease in the knowledge that she was safe, well cared for and comfortable.

We will certainly continue to recommend AgeCare Care Homes – mentioning our close and personal experience with Minchenden in particular.

Emma Sarjant – Churchills Family Funeral Directors

Dear Five Oaks,

On behalf of all the family I wish to thank you and all the staff who work for you at Five Oaks, for the love and care given to Ivy in her two year stay with you. It was a comfort to us all to know she lived in comfortable surroundings where the atmosphere was welcoming and that all her needs were met. She was happy there, she told us so, what more can I say?

Thank you too for your care of me during the last few days of Ivy’s life. Seeing Ivy treated with such tender care made it easier for me.

Thank you all once again.

Mrs A. Johnson

Dear Carol,

Just a huge thank you for all that you’ve done to look after Grandad and for all the love and support you’ve given me.

I miss him so much and I’m finding it very hard. I don’t know what I’ll do with my time. I know he wasn’t always easy but he appreciated everything that was done for him.

Hope we can keep in touch.

Much love, Sara, Adnan and the girls

Dear Carol,

I am writing to thank you for looking after Beryl with such loving care during the last two years of her life. I was so pleased that you had a vacancy for her in October 2006 and nearly two years on, realise that it was indeed the best decision I could ever have made.

Special thanks to those staff who tended her so caringly in the last two weeks of her life. Thank you also to Anne, who patiently listened to my worries, and to the wonderful support I received from Janette, Carol and Trudy. I wish I could personally thank every single person, I really do.

It was an amazing experience to share the last moments of her life with her. Initially a feeling of shock, disbelief and extreme sadness but it was really nice to see how peaceful she was, we just hope she was able to realise that she was not alone, but surrounded by her caring friends. When we realised that Beryl had begun to breath differently, upon raising the alarm your staff handled the situation brilliantly. Later when we returned to her room, I can still visualize her with the beautiful roses your staff had laid near her. It meant so much. We shall all miss her dreadfully.

As I mentioned, we are most grateful to you for allowing us all to return to Hargrave House for refreshments after the funeral service is complete.

Thank you Carol for everything you have done. I shall return shortly to write my comments in your book in reception and I look forward to seeing some of you again for the funeral.

Mrs K. Watson

Dear Carol,

I would like to thank you and your staff for helping to make my dear husband Bob’s little birthday gathering so pleasant and successful. He said he thought it was “gorgeous” and that is just how I wanted it to be for him.

The room and arrangements were just right – even the weather behaved itself – and we all enjoyed every minute of it.


J. Falla

My mother has Parkinson’s and dementia. She is very calm and happy at Nayland House Care Home and somehow, still very much ‘herself’. As a family, we are very grateful for the calm and cheerful atmosphere, the great support and the relaxed feeling that washes through the home. Mum told me the other day that ‘she couldn’t be happier’.

Jane L

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. There is no doubt that a spell in your home is an uplifting and enjoyable time.

I didn’t have time to say goodbye to everyone, so please pass on my regards.

I look forward to November and my next stay”

Don Thadwald, Hargrave House

Dear Sir,

We were friends of Alma Downes who stayed in Bullsmoor Lodge and sadly passed on the 30th of May.

We just wanted to put on record the fine attention that Alma received whilt in your care home. All the staff at all levels to the manager could not have been more kind and helpful to Alma and any visitors she had. Alma was not the easiest of clients, being unable to walk or talk coherently, yet the staff showed infinite patience and fondness when dealing with her.

Although you are not a medical nursing home, we don’t think she could’ve had a better place to stay for the past three years.

In particular we would like to praise Pauline who was on duty when Alma passed. Her discreet yet caring manner made coping with her death so much easier.

Many thanks once again for the attitude and approach of staff at Bullsmoor Lodge, thaty are a credit to you.

Mr & Mrs Gates

Dear Carol,

Since my fathers death in 2005, I have to say that I think Hargrave House have looked after Nellie (my mother) in an exemplary way and I really would like to say a big thank you to all of you for the care and consideration that you have shown to her and in looking after her needs in her rapidly deteriorating condition.

Frankly I don’t know how we would’ve coped without your help.

We owe you so many thanks and would have no hesitation in recommending Hargrave House to anybody who has trouble looking after a loved one or trying to manage in later life on their own.

Thank you so much.

Mrs J Pyatt

To all the staff at Hargrave House,

I wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support whilst my Nan (Doris) was in your care. My Nan always complimented on her time with you and I know you all became part of her family during her time there.

We will all miss her very much, her sense of humour and her cheeky ways, but we also take comfort in knowing that she had excellent care and attention for all her time with you.

Thankyou all so very much for all your did to make Nan’s last few months as comfortable as possible.

With much love and thanks.

Mrs Thurgood

Dear Sir,

I am next of kin to Mrs Bain at Hargrave House in Stansted, she has lived there since 2007.

I visit her regularly and at various times. I always find her room and all of Hargrave House to be clean and tidy at all times. The staff act in a professional manner and treat me with the utmost respect. I consider the level of care to be 1st class.

My mother, Mrs George, came to stay at Hargrave House in July 2008, but sadly she passed there in August. Myself and her sister were with her at this time.

I cannot emphasise enough the professionalism of the Manager, the senior carers and the staff shown on this sad occasion. This emphasizes the high standard of their training. After such a sad event myself and Mrs Bain were treated with care and empassion.

Please accept our gratitude for the kindness shown to us on such a sad day. The funeral was made all the more bearable by the attendance of the Manager.

Mr D. George

Dear Five Oaks,

Thank you once again to you and your staff for the patience and care that you give to my Aunt. At times she does get very frustrated having been an exceptionally independent person before coming to you.

She used to visit my Grandma everyday when she needed fulltime care and I try to remind her of the pressures which you and your staff face. I will try to make the Garden Party on the 19th and pray for good weather.

Mrs F. Ziegler

To all the staff at Five Oaks,

Thank you so much to you all for the wonderful care you gave me during my week with you. Everyone was so kind and considerate and I have been singing your praises to all and sundry.

Many, many thanks.

Mrs A. Evans